Sexual Harassment Training.

“Who can commit sexual harassment?” “I can!”

“So it’s not okay to sniff her hair and tell her she should switch back to the coconut shampoo? Don’t you lie to me, ho.”

“Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa… that can’t be right. Bitch, you crazy?”

Two old women were sitting on the bench talking, when one asked the other, “How’s your husband holding up in bed these days?”
The second old lady replied, “He makes me feel like an exercise bike.”
“How’s that?”
“He climbs on and starts pumping away but we never get anywhere!”

Depends on the pressure of the breast-to-breast action, really.

“The costs of sexual harassment in the workplace? Laughter, fun, a reason to dress slutty during the day, better attitudes because of all the sex… where’s that answer?”

I’d slap Steve. He looks douchey.

Completing sexual harassment training, LIKE A BOSS.











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  1. Let’s talk about sex(ual harassment training) baby. « avamaura - October 30, 2012

    […] Sexual Harassment Training. […]

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