How To Cope With the Fallout 4 Wait, Without Going Entirely Crazy (Kind Of)

19 Oct

Miss Fitting

The release of Fallout 4 in November couldn’t come fast enough. Every day is slogging by and I feel like a turtle stuck in peanut butter as time moonwalks past me. To put some jam in my life, I’ve decided to cope with the Fallout wait by crafting Fallout props. Lately I’ve been working on a Fallout 4 advent calendar, which counts down the last 20 days until launch. I thought I’d share these photos with others to help cope with the pain (or entice it).

Miss Fitting Fallout 4 Advent Calendar (Front) Etsy Shop: Stockpile Underground Miss Fitting Fallout 4 Advent Calendar (Front)

I found this drawer at a thrift store and decided it would make a great advent calendar. I washed it (I think) and removed the drawers and spray painted them a few times with yellow primer and then for the body I used a brilliant blue hue. Pictured above is what the front of the calendar looks like. Its measurements are…

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